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Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM)

We are an organization reaching out to college students to help find Faith and guidance.

Black Male Achievers (BMA)

TCC’s Black Male Achievers program is designed to empower and educate its students on the importance of the successful completion of their post-secondary aspirations through the practices of academic, social and occupational excellence.

Black Student Union (BSU)

BSU Strives to create an environment that provides intellectual, educational and academic excellence while also serving our community through opportunities designed to increase the understanding and appreciation of the African American culture.

Burghalie Visual Arts Society (BVAS)

The Burghalie Organization is a group that intends to promote diversity, and bring students together via art, media, and fashion.

Career Center

The Career Center offers a diverse array of services related to career planning, career preparation and professional success.

Center for Professional Enrichment (CPE)

The Center offers programs designed to promote excellence in teaching, learning and​ leadership through collaboration, professional enrichment opportunities, and dedicated resources.

Dean of Student Services Department (DOS)

TCC's Department of Student Service provides opportunities for students to get connect and provides access to campus resources.

Eagle Business Society

The mission of the Eagle Business Society is to enhance the educational experience of students interested in business by exposing them to business and industry leaders and expanding their network capabilities.

Every Nation Campus Ministies (ENCM)

Our mission is to reach students at TCC with the gospel and to train up a generation of students who are devoted to Christ and His mission.

Eyrie Literary & Art Magazine (Eyrie)

The purpose of the student magazine, The Eyrie, is to showcase the creative endeavors of TCC students; it also provides students enrolled in Literary Magazine Production (JOU 2440L) with the experiences of magazine production.

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