TCC Tabling Request Form (Internal)

Tallahassee Community College departments, offices, and student organizations can utilize the option of tabling in the Student Union as well as pre-determined locations around campus to distribute promotional materials. Tabling events can either be completed utilizing this form or by creating Organization Events. Note that fundraising tabling must be done through the Event form.

1. Departments, offices, and student organizations recognized by Tallahassee Community College are able to request an unlimited number of tabling days within the Student Union. However, tabling outside of the Student Union for student organizations has a limit of 12 days per month.

2. All groups must complete the application. Failure to adhere to Tallahassee Community College policies, procedures, or guildines, including but not limited to the student conduct code, may result in ineligibility for future reservations.

3. Selling materials by recognized student organizations is permited for the purpose of fund-raising. However, prohibited items include but are not limited to: (1) sales of drug-related images or paraphernalia (i.e. bongs, pipes, pornography, incense, candles, or illegal items), (2) the solicitation of books, food or any other items that may pose a conflict of interest with contracted services that have exclusive agreements with the College, and (3) the solicitation of credit card applications. If a student organization wants to fundraise, they must complete it as a event under their organization.

4. Please complete the tabling request form at least five (5) business days prior to the requested tabling date.